Mixing & Matching Patterns:  Easy Ways to Do It & Rock It!

Mixing & Matching Patterns: Easy Ways to Do It & Rock It!

9th Oct 2020

Remember when it was considered a NO-NO to mix and match patterns in your outfits??

Well, guess what? Have you noticed something?


When you think about it, it's very creative, as well as a very resourceful way to use your wardrobe because it means you get more out it!  Oh, and also--it’s HELLA fun!

Even though I’m in the fashion world, I’ve only just dabbled in mixing polka dots and stripes in the past couple of years.  And, I do it in a way so that I feel playful and interesting, yet comfortable in my own skin.

Like with a lot of things, mixing and matching patterns and colors has levels to it. Sometimes you might look at an outfit on a gal and think: “OMG! What is she thinking? I do NOT comprehend that!” And then sometimes, you see a mixture of pieces that is just so harmonious, stylish and even whimsical!

Of course, there are always those people who do whatever they want, whenever they want fashion-wise--donning get-ups that would make some of us feel just, like, awkward.

My sister has always been one to put together patterns and colors that aren’t your usual style mash-ups. What’s cool about this, is it’s her own self-expression. To her credit, the rebel that’s been there since her teens hasn’t let the tyranny of fashion stop her—you know, the “you’re not supposed to wear blah blahs cuz you’re too blah blah or because those blahs blahs don’t work together, etc.” You know--“fashion rules”…UGH, I say.

Here are 3 easy and gentle (in my opinion) ways I do pattern mixing that you can do too: 

1) Basic Black & White~Here I am in your basic black and white outfit. Polka dotted top over pants in a small diamond print. Throw on a pair of burgundy booties (or some other color) and you're ready to rock and roll!  I do also have on 2 black and white contrasting bracelets, just for kicks, as well. Easy peasy. 

2) Add Patterned Scarf to Tie in w/Shoes~This is one of my favorite outfits. I love how there's a color theme going on here--burgundy, black and white. The statement piece of my get-up is the scarf. It's got the largest print and it works nicely to have the rest of the outfit be smaller prints. 

3) Or, Wear Outerwear to Tie in w/Shoes~Here I've got on Cheeky's Popcorn Knit Medium Length Flyaway Cardigan in Sangria to go with my fave burgundy booties. You can do this type of mixing patterns--especially with black and white as your base color scheme--with ANY other solid color outwear piece. If you've got a favorite pair of blue or green booties or sandals, trying tying it all together with an outerwear piece in the same color scheme as your shoes! Soo HELLA fun! Cheeky has lots of other great outerwear pieces/cover ups/cardigans/wraps

Those are just a few simple ways to pull it together. Here are a couple of great articles too for more inspiration! and