Sizing Info

Got SIZING Questions about Cheeky’s Unique & Colorful CARDIGANS, COVER UPS & WRAPS?

 What's with the “One Size”? That usually doesn’t work a for me! How stretchy ARE these things??

Yes, I get that! However, our cardigans, cover ups and wraps really are super stretchy! Surprisingly so! The weave is loose which helps them stretch more. I can’t tell you how often I’ve assured a woman just like you that an item WILL fit her when she thought it not possible. YUP. For reals. It also kinda depends on if you like your outerwear looser or more fitted. Even though the general style of these cardigans, cover ups and wraps ARE loose ish. Here's a video I made showing you a sample of each of the 3 styles of knits Cheeky carries. 

  • Popcorn Knits: These are the heaviest, if we're going to compare. Which means, the popcorn knits are still super light weight like all of them are! While these stretch wonderfully so, they're stretch somewhat less than the mesh style. For example, the Popcorn Knit Poncho can fit a woman sized 2 to 12. 
  • Zigzag Patterned Mesh Knits: These knits are light like the mesh ones but they have a really neat design in them that looks sorta zigzaggy. The zigzag patterned mesh knits-like the mesh knits and the popcorn knits-are super stretchy. However, they're slightly less so than the other two. But don't let that fool ya! For example, the Zigzag Patterned Mesh Knit w/Ruffle can fit a woman sized 2 to 10. 

If they're so stretchy, will they hold their shape, then?

YES! This means, let's say you're pregnant--and then you're not because you now have a beautiful baby! That Cheeky cardigan, cover up or wrap you have will still fit you! Even if you lose weight or gain weight, they'll still fit, most likely. I mean it's all relative, right? But that's the beauty of these things!