“How do I know if that will fit me?” (Video)

“How do I know if that will fit me?” (Video)

Posted by Cheeky on 7th Nov 2019

“How do I know if that will fit me?”

I got a great question from an online customer the other day—How do I know if that will fit me?

I totally get it!

We’re always up against this when shopping for clothing online, right? At my weekend art & wine festivals, I often get women coming into my booth looking at these lightweight cardigans & cover ups I carry and they say, “ so, do you have anything in MY size?” And, my response is always the same—“you gotta try them on, they’re VERY stretchy!” 97.4% of the time, I blow their minds—“You’re right!” they say!

After 13 years, I KNOW MY PRODUCTS!

But when shopping online, it’s hard to tell, right? We get 3 or 4 photos of the item we’re coveting, and we’re always wondering, yeah but what about MY body?

For that reason, Cheeky specializes in these loose knit, fine mesh and/or nubbier popcorn knit cardigans, cover ups, sweaters and wraps that are SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT, STRETCHY & WRINKLE FREE! Many customers also say that the popcorn knit (the nubbier material) is actually pretty soft, too!

In this less than 2 minute video, Cheeky shows you how the 3 styles of knit materials she carries—the nubbier, slightly heavier but still super lightweight POPCORN knit, the finer MESH knit and the also fine mesh ZIGZAG PATTERNED knit cardigans, cover ups & wraps really do fit a wide range of shape and sizes. 

And of course, if you have any questions about any of the styles and how they might fit YOU, please contact us!

Styles featured in this video are:

1) Popcorn Knit Medium Length Flyaway Cardigan

2) Mesh Knit Cardigan with 3/4 Length Sleeves and Lettuce Edges

3) Zigzag Patterned Mesh Knit Cardigan with Ruffle